6 Ways to Get Free SEO BACKLINK

6 Ways to Get Free SEO BACKLINK

Backlink is a link or a link that is entered and placed on another site, and the link leads to your own website.

Backlinks or often called inbound links are also very influential on the SEO quality of your site. Apart from increasing your site's Domain Authority and Page Authority, this may also have a big impact on search results.

In this article, I will share a discussion about How to get Quality SEO Backlinks for free for your blog.

Then, how do you get Quality SEO Backlinks for free?

1. Share on Social Media

This method is quite effective for you as a beginner. In addition to all of them using social media as a means of communication, many people use social media to gather accurate information sources.

There are many social media websites that you can use as a means of getting backlinks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others.

By utilizing social media, you will indirectly get DoFollow and nofollow backlinks.

2. Guest Post

What is a Guest Post? Guest Post, which is commonly called Guest Writer, is a program provided by major websites for the purpose of adding articles and providing freedom of work for many people. Where if you act as a guest writer, you can write articles on other sites and place links or related sources in the article that lead to his site.

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This allows you to get indirect backlinks to your own website.

3. Commenting on Other Sites

Maybe this method is rarely realized by many people and thinks this is only an appreciation or gratitude for related articles or just providing input.

Most sites may prohibit commenters from placing a link in their comments column, perhaps for reasons of reducing the risk of spam or invalid activity.

However, it turns out that this provides many benefits to the two related sites, between the commented site and the link posted in the comments.

However, a lot of information is circulating regarding duplicate content indexed by search engines, where the BOT of the crawler will index the comment link.

To prevent this, I recommend that website administrators attach canonical tags to the structure of your website.

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4. Using the Software

Using Software is a technique for SEO experts to get Backlinks. The price of the software is relative, starting from the cheapest to the most expensive.

To get this software, please check here.

Warning : I don't recommend you to use an application or software to get backlinks, because I don't know how the quality of the Backlink is.

5. Become an Advertiser

Becoming an Advertiser may also be almost the same as the previous ways, it's just that in this case you have to spend a little capital to provide appropriate rewards to publishers who place your link on their articles.

Lots of Bloggers who participate as publishers in many Backlink service providers, such as Raja Backlink, Jawalink, vira.id, and so on.

6. Buy Backlinks

If you don't want to bother, this method is probably the most effective. Many quality backlink service providers or quality backlink marketplaces that have been trusted, such as Rajabacklink, Jawalink, pagesatu, gan.co.id, and others. You can buy Backlinks from favorite providers.

The prices provided also vary, are relatively cheap, so it is not difficult to get quality backlinks.

Conclusion & Conclusion

There are many ways you can get quality backlinks, free and easy. However, in this article, only 6 Ways to Get Quality SEO Backlinks that I can say. As for that errors in the use of software and systems, are not the responsibility of okegugel.com.

Thus I share this article, hereby I hope that this article is useful. Thank you

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