Turn Your Old Photos Digital With These 5 Photo Scanner Applications – Best Popular 1nfo

(These 5 Photo Scanner Applications) – Have you ever thought about being able to see your printed photos anywhere? No need to carry these photos physically, with the 5 applications below, you can convert printed photos into digital photos.


5 Photo Scanner Applications:

Turn Your Old Photos Digital With These 5 Photo Scanner Applications - Best Popular 1nfo
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1. Google PhotoScan

Google recently released a free application to digitally scan printed photos. And in an instant, many people like this application because the photos are very satisfying. Google PhotoScan can make your printed photos really look like they were taken digitally.

This application is also able to recognize photo angles, perspectives, to be able to provide automatic rotation. So, you don’t need to be completely 100% taking photos from the right angle. Because Google PhotoScan will make it easier for you.

2. Photomyne

Photosmyne is not as well-known as Google PhotoScan. However, there is one feature that Photommyne really doesn’t want to miss, namely its ability to scan multiple photos at once. So, if you have a lot of printed photos, it will be quicker to scan them with Photomyne.

Photomyne will also automatically group the photos that you scan based on the existing equation.

3. Photomyne

Just like Photomyne, Photo Scanner also has the ability to scan multiple photos at once. Photo Scanner will also immediately cut the photos apart. So, you don’t need to do cropping manually.

4. Adobe Scan

Adobe has again created an android application, this time it is for scanning photos and images. Adobe Scan allows you to scan photos easily and connect with various other Adobe applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and others.

5. Photo Scaner

The Photo Scaner application made by BlitzInteractive is very simple. However, its features cannot be underestimated. Its capabilities are even on par with Google Photoscan. Complete with additional features such as edit, share, and others.

So, there are 5 android applications that you can use to scan old photos into digital photos. So, now you can take your old photos anywhere on your smartphone. You can share on social media, make proof photos, edit them, and much more.

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